Get Control of Your Camera Roll Week 1!

All right folks, this is the MOST TEDIOUS part of the whole thing.

Sorting and Deleting!

Here is my personal philosophy. Only keep the photos that you are going to print. This means in photo books, photo prints, and wall art. Now I do have some folders and photos in them that I don’t print, but by and large I try to be super discerning. Why?

WE TAKE MILLIONS OF PHOTOS. Friends, I have seen how many photos are on your camera roll. By average, most people are taking between 2,000 and 10,000 photos a year. Times that by 18 and that is how many photos you will have of your kids childhood. IT’S TOO MANY! When it’s time for them to sit down and pick photos to take with them when they move out, we don’t want it to be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, I know you’re stressed about this. I have a few tips.

Slidebox app. This is the only app out there that makes this a little bit easier (I have my own idea for an app that I just need a developer for if you want to make a million dollars with me 😉😉). This app will make sorting and deleting a breeze. After downloading the app (you don’t have to, but this will make the project go much faster) we will work on folders.

I think that choosing to sort by year is the easiest way to go. You may choose to sort by season, trip, kid, etc but this is a good place to start. I also have folders for the following categories: reference, recipes, inspiration, work, etc. You can make these as you go as well.

Next, if you have an iphone you should sort through your duplicates. In your album screen scroll to the bottom, see “duplicates” then decide if you want to merge them or delete the extras. I will sometimes have multiple photos in different folders so I keep that in mind as well. For Android users there is a function called “clean” in your photos app.

After you have your base folders, get to work! The app makes it easy to swipe to delete, and sort into folders.

How to choose what to keep or delete:

Start with the older photos first. The more removed you are from a time period, the easier it will be to delete.

“I don’t want to delete a single photo of my baby/child”. Totally fine. Keep them all. But put them in a folder! You may change your mind as they get older and then you can do a second go round!

Make a habit. This is SO important! Decide on a time of day to do this every day. Maybe before bed, maybe during your morning cup of coffee. Watching tv or waiting for a kid during an activity is a good time to do this. If you have thousands of photos to go through then you may need to do a couple times a day to get a foothold. I sorted my entire camera roll a couple years ago. It took about a month. Now, it takes me maybe a week to get the past year done. SO. WORTH. IT.

It can also help to set a time period. Sort for 15 minutes a few times a day. Sort until you delete 100 photos.

I have all my past photos printed in prints and books. I have them backed up in online folders. The piece of mind that this brings me is immeasurable! Decide that this is important and COMMIT!

To help you stay motivated I want you to screenshot the amount of photos in your camera roll and tag me on Instagram stories. I will share you all so we can encourage each other! As you go, screenshot and share your progress so I can cheer you on.

The person who has the most photos in their camera roll that tags me in their stories tomorrow will get the Slidebox app on me!

Ok friends, that’s it for week 1. Please reach out with questions or frustrations. I know this project is possible and I know that it’s worth it.

You got this!!


– Boise Family Photographer –

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