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Education For Family Photographers!

Golden hour shoot outs for photographers!

Do you drool over golden hour light? But struggle with settings and technique? Come join me as I shoot a real life styled family in Seattle with the very best golden light I can get! I will cover settings, workflow,  posing and share my editing process afterwards as well. 

Shoot Outs

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sun valley

Family Photography Made Simple

Hey new photographer! 

Are you overwhelmed? 

Do you have allll the questions? 

I'm here for you! 

Come join my community of photographers.

I will be in your corner and available to answer your questions as you go! 

Golden Hour
Indoor lifestyle newborn tips
Organization and Resources
Social Media and Marketing
How do I become "legal"?
Session Flow and Posing
Client Experience and Prep
Mini Sessions
Ideal Client

topics included

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- Facebook group for community and further education 
-e-course with video topics
-ME! available to you via messenger/marco polo/ or voxer for any and all questions as you go
-discounted rated for shoot outs

"Watching Whitney’s intro to photography course felt like she was in my living room with me guiding me through my camera like the newcomer I am (despite owning it for 5+ years) I watched all the videos straight through and I’m looking forward to going back and rewatching with camera in hand to pause and practice. I was immediately able to use a few of the tips to improve my iPhone photography too!"

Photography Made Simple

Want to learn the basics of your DSLR or mirrorless camera? Just want to take better pictures on your phone? This class is a do at your own pace e-course all about lighting, composition, and manual mode. 

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Get Control of Your Camera Roll

Is your camera roll a mess? How good are you at printing off photos every year? Are your photos backed up somewhere other than the cloud? If not, this is for you! I will cover strategies for sorting and deleting your photos, printing in books, and backing up securely. This problem is only going to get bigger, so jump in today!

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