Family photography for adventurers in Boise and Seattle!

Are family photos too stressful? 

What if you left it all to me?

How does this sound?

1. You pick a date
2. I guide you through picking a location that is perfect for your family and family photo goals
3. You get a fun evening with your family and beautiful artwork for your walls. 

- Jesus follower
- milspouse (now retired!)
- former horse trainer
- homeschooler
- mom to 2
- lover of the northwest
- never says no to a mocha
- pasta and bread and cheese is my love language 
- enneagram 7 (and 3)


about me

I'm Whitney! I feel so lucky to get to do this job. I have found a passion for adventuring and exploring with my family session clients. I want you to come and be able to relax with your family while I document it all. These moments go so fast and I am so honored to capture it all. I grew up in Boise and am so excited to grow my family photography business here! 

After having kids I found my lifelong sought after career of horse trainer and riding instructor was no longer the best thing for our family. I picked up my camera when my son was born and was so encouraged to find that I could learn something new and really enjoy it. I quickly got bored of taking photos of only my kid and found a real love of photographing families. 

After 20 years in the military my husband retired! He found a civilian job in the Boise area so we're starting all over again! I grew up here so am really happy about getting some familiarity. 

My Great Grandpa Ike homesteaded in the hills about Sequim (we still have the cabin and land in the family 100 years later) so the Puget Sound will always be home. 

i do it for them. and for me. 

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Mini Sessions

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You need a family film!  Let me come film your family just as you are! Add onto any family session for $100! 
$550 - Treasure Valley

family film

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What does a session with whitney look like?


Do I have to shoot at Sunset? 
Yes! Ha, well most of the time.  You're probably picking me because you like the look of my photos and time of day is a BIG part of that. 

My kid has an early bedtime, how do I deal?
This is a super common question! I will have some prep for you to help. Most of the time having a late nap and snacks and being somewhere fun and new will be all it takes. 

Can I bring Grandma?
For morale support and hand outer of snacks, sure! To add people to be photographed outside of your immediate family will be an additional fee. 

Do you travel?
Often! You can find my current travel dates by clicking below.

Do you shoot on weekends?
Generally, no. As my kiddos get older weekends are reserved for family time. Plus the benefit of less crowds! 


Travel dates! 

big Sur

Seattle Mountains



Sun Valley

Get Control of Your Camera Roll!

Is your camera roll a mess? How good are you at printing off photos every year? Are your photos backed up somewhere other than the cloud? If not, this is for you! I will cover strategies for sorting and deleting your photos, printing in books, and backing up securely. This problem is only going to get bigger, so jump in today!

 Video course $47

PDF only $10! 

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