Does this sound familiar?
Do you wish there was a better way?

Your current way of handling phone photos

It stresses you out to not be able to find photos when you need them. 

You are overwhelmed with how many photos you have on your phone .

You are worried about losing photos. 

It makes you sad to not have your favorite photos printed. 

After using my system 

You will feel calm knowing your photos are securely backed up.

Your favorite photos are printed and accessible.

Your camera roll is neatly organized by year. 

You have peace of mind that you can continue this in the future! 

Now is the time to change that! 

Get ready to...

1.   Feel calm about the status of your camera roll.

2.  Easily delete unwanted photos. 

3.  Have a fool proof system for organizing and printing photos.

4.  Never again worry about losing photos. 

This is what you're looking for!

Get Control of Your Camera Roll

The answer to your phone photo overwhelm! This is the system you need to delete, organize, print, and backup all of your phone photos!

I need this!

Don't worry

I have a system for you! 

New friend. who dis?

I'm Whitney, and I'm happy you're here.

4 years ago I lost a whole year of photos of my son. It was devastating. As a family photographer I knew I needed to be a better steward of the photos I was taking of my family. So I decided to come up with a system to delete, organize, print, and backup all those photos! 

I've been there and done that.
Now I support people like you who want...

to know How to quickly delete and organize photos on your phone.

to be certain that their phone photos are securely backed up (the cloud is not a storage system).

resources for the best ways to print their photos.

Tips and tricks along the way to get you the best success.

Now is the time to get control of your camera roll! 

I need this! 

You're going to continue to take photos,
This problem is just going to get bigger! 

THe bEst way to organize photo prints!

photo box link
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This box has dividers that I use to seperate each year. I then use a label maker to label each year. 

Boise Family Photographer