Which Seattle Area Mountain Location Should I Choose For My Family Photography Session?

This is a topic I get asked a lot about! WHICH Seattle Area Mountain Location Should I Choose for My Family Photography Session? I will break down my top favorites and the pros and cons of each! Here are 2 things to keep in mind though for any mountain location!

  1. SNOW. Snow in the mountains around here doesn’t usually melt until mid June! Keep that in mind when picking dates and planning!
  2. If you can swing it, weekdays are much preferable to weekends because of crowds! These beautiful spots get very crowded during their peak times. Also, many become swimming with photographers which means having to compete for the best spots sometimes. My advice? Take the time off work, book a cabin nearby, and make a trip out of it!


Mount Rainier

This spot is super popular for obvious reasons! It has a great view of the mountain, plus wildflowers! Cons: in order to respect the area I am super strict about staying on the trail. This means it’s not always the best option for toddlers that like to run to play. Also keep in mind, it is possible to get up there and have clouds covering the mountain! The spot is still beautiful regardless, but be aware that the mountain backdrop isn’t a guarantee.

mt rainier family photographer


Hurricane Ridge


I’m partial to this spot because of my family’s history on the Olympic Peninsula. Being able to drive right up to the Mountain View with little to no hiking is awesome! If you’re up for some hiking we can explore a bit too. if you’re making a trip out of it there is lots to do in the area. Cons: also important to stay on the trail.

hurricane Ridge family photographer


Gold Creek Pond


The big perk of this spot is it’s location. It is an easy drive from Seattle and I can get there easier than others so have discounted the price a bit. There is a flat trail to the lake and lots of space to run. Cons: Suuuuper busy on summer weekends. Because of how it faces, you won’t get golden backlight at sunset with the lake in the background.

gold creek pond family photographer


Mt Baker


This is my new favorite mountain spot. I love that there is lots of space. I have two spots to start from so you will get lots of variety. Lots of rocks to climb on for kids. Cons: a bit of a drive for most!

Mt Baker Family Photographer

So there are my favorites! What are you going to pick?!

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