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Last part! I hope you have been following along! I will be sharing some of my favorite companies to print through as well as a few different ways to display your photos on the wall!

Canvases. This is a super popular option but I have been seeing a trend away from them recently. I think one reason is that they take up a lot of room and are difficult to store when you want to switch them out. I personally have been moving towards framing photos so I can switch them up when necessary. I Like Nations and Mpix for printing canvases.

Framing. Like I mentioned, this is a more inexpensive way to display photos if you like to switch them out. Frames and mats can be pricey, but then you have them forever. Companies like Frambridge make it super easy. You just send in or upload your photo and they will mail you the matted photo. I really like Ikea for inexpensive frames. Michaels is another option (check for sales). The places to print photos from are Nations, as well as some professional labs. If you have photos from your family photo session and you want to make sure you’re getting quality prints, I recommend printing through your photographer. Not all printing labs are the same! Many budget labs cannot match the colors from professional editing so you may notice a difference when you receive your photos.

Foam Board. This is something I use for my playroom photos. They are more inexpensive then canvases and super easy to mount on the wall (I use command strips).

Wood Prints. This is a newer trend and I really love it. Smallwoods is an inexpensive option and they often run sales. If you’re looking for a high quality option I recommend Pretty in Polka Dots. You can use code “whitney30” for 30% off!

Hanging prints. I have used a basic clothesline for hanging square prints (from Artifact Uprising) and love how easy it is to switch out when I order new ones. Ikea has a simple one as well.

Collages. This is a newer tool (I think) and it’s so cool! You pick the configuration and plug in the photos. You get it mailed to you with a template for your wall so all you have to do is hang them up!

I switch out frames in my house based on the seasons. This is a great way to get a little variety in your decor as well as use more of your photos.

If you have a creative way to display your photos at home, find me on IG and I’ll share it!

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Bonus: How to make family home videos!

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