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family photography workflow

A topic that comes up quite often is workflow! This is the order in which you process clients and get them information about their session. Online client resource management software has made this exponentially easier! I have done trials and used a few different companies, and have landed on Iris Works for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons is that it has all the features I need. (Minus one which is coming soon.) Secondly, they are a smaller company that puts customers needs first. Their team is constantly checking in and listening to what we need and want.

Here is my basic workflow!

Client books session either at my booking link (game changer) or through email with me. First thing I do is send them an invoice for a deposit. I am able to have email templates saved so all it takes is a few clicks.

After the deposit has been paid I send an email with LOTS of information. This welcome email has my contract, questionnaire, link to Style and Select website and my code, link to my welcome guide, blog links to helpful blog posts I have written to make my clients session go super smoothly and a link to my location guide. Again, this is all a template! My goal with this email is to answer as many questions as I can and help my family’s feel prepared.

One week out from my session date I send my second invoice for the full amount. I also will send their location email (also a template. I have the location details saved so all I need to do is click!). The day before I send a last minute tips email (reminding them to bring coats etc).

There is the option to have an automated workflow that I don’t use as often but plan to more. When I schedule sessions months in advance I like to have emails scheduled to help keep things moving.

After my session I post a sneak peek on social media. And then galleries are sent within two weeks! You can see my blog post with all the resources I use here.

Anything I should add? Did this help at all? Let me know!

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