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Ok friends, I will start out by saying that I am NO expert. I don’t have 10,000 followers (why does it seem like that’s all that it takes to become an expert…) BUT I am consistently booking my “ideal” client and many of them find me on Facebook or Instagram. So I feel like I have found success at it.

social media tips


  1. Only show what you want to shoot. Simple as that. You don’t need¬†to share a photo from every session. If you want to shoot families in the mountains, show families in the mountains. If you want to shoot only kids, only share kids! Don’t have enough photos of your favorite things? PORTFOLIO BUILDING. Reach out to your friends and community and be very specific about what you are looking for. Shoot for free or discounted so that there is less pressure to please them, and more about what you as an artist are looking for.
  2. You don’t have to post every day. Ok so here is where I may differ from others. If you have enough content and enjoy posting every day, go for it! I personally just don’t have it in me to post intentionally more than 3 days a week.
  3. Build a community. In order to have authentic engagement you must care about those you follow and that follow you. I am very intentional about who I follow so that I can be authentic about it.
  4. You. have. to. comment. on. other. peoples. posts.
  5. Bring value. There is SO much out there for people to consume, make it worth their while to stop and read.
  6. Be consistent. I’ll admit that I go through phases of not wanting to care about what I post and how it looks on my feed. But the fact is that consistent pages grab the eye. Your client needs to know what they will be getting when they hire you.
  7. Show up. You MUST show your face on social media. I can’t count the amount of times my clients ¬†have showed up for their session and say how they feel like they already know me. That starts us out so much easier. Also, people like to invest in PEOPLE.

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