Summer Favorites!

  1. Kubbs “Viking Chess” yard game. This is an all ages game that everyone can play! We bring it to the beach (or you can even use sticks and driftwood instead!).
  2. Woods Canada Camping Chair. The. best. outdoor. chair. ever. I get more questions on this chair than anything else!
  3. Flutterhabit Lashes. I like to go as makeup free as possible for summertime and these make it so easy! I am not very coordinated with this type of stuff and even I can do it! They last 5 days and are only $30 for a months worth.
  4. Gathre mat. ($20 off with that link). I have been raving about these for YEARS. I use one for every family session (midi double sided) because they help keeps bums dry! These mats are perfect for the park and beach and are waterproof. If they get dirty or sandy you just hose them off! They also make tablecloths, placemats, etc.
  5. Giant Bubble wands. My kids love these! You can also make them pretty easily.
  6. Sensory friendly swim trunks. My son really hates the typical swim suit design with mesh inserts. These swim suits are so much better!
  7. Giant bubble mix. When using giant bubble wands it’s best to use a stronger bubble mix to help them last longer. This mix makes a ton of bubble solution.
  8. Girls Sensory friendly swim suit. My daughter is also really picky about how swim suits feel and this one passed the test! The bottom is seamless which she loves.
  9. Headlight beanie. These are the perfect camping/summer accessory. Built in headlamp! And they are rechargeable and come off so you can wash the beanie. Brilliant!
  10. Beach toys. Melissa and Doug is always my go to and their line of “baking” beach toys are a big hit with my crew.

I don’t take reccomendations lightly! These are all tried and true products I use on a regular basis. Please let me know if you end up using any of them!

*some of these are affiliate links.

And don’t forget my summer bucket list printable to track all your summer activities!

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