How To Print Your Phone Photos

Ok now the fun part! You may still be sorting through photos (I still am) but here are some resources for where to print when you’re ready! It is also a great reward for when you finish sorting an entire year.

Quick pep talk. Print. Your. Photos. Most of you are mommas who have camera rolls full of photos of your kids. I can’t tell you how many times I find my kiddos flipping through photo books and prints. These tangible reminders of moments and loved ones mean so much to them. They are also way more likely to bring up trips we went on if there are prints of it. I myself have prints from my childhood that are treasured. Print. Your. Photos.

My personal goal is to print all the photos from my phone once they are sorted. I print them in individual prints, and then do a smaller selection into a Chatbook photo book. I have been really impressed with amazon prints! They aren’t amazing quality, but for the amount that I am printing (about 300-500 from each year) it is an affordable option to get them off my phone. These are sorted into a box and labeled by year. These are for the kids to grab when they want for projects or to hang in their room. It is super easy to reprint so I don’t get picky about them thumbing through them.

Albums are an awesome way to print photos in one place. My two favorites are Chatbooks and Artifact Uprising. Chatbooks can even print automatically from your Instagram if you like. Artifact Uprising is a little bit pricier but better quality so think about how long you want these photos to last. Both these companies have apps that make this quick and easy. For Chatbooks, use code “WCP10” for $10 off! For vacations or events or just iPhone photos, the smaller books work really well. For anything bigger or my professional photos I feel strongly about using something else.

Lay flat albums! I get one big album a year of all the photos I took with my nice camera in a big album with lay flat pages. These are much more durable and the quality is amazing. There is even a pro lab with “thinner” lay flat pages (some get get too thick and it’s hard to fit many photos in them). I don’t think lay flat is a must have (more pricey) but definitely invest in a quality album company for the really important photos. I will have some resources at the end of places I recommend, or I’m happy to build albums with my lab for you!

*Not all printing companies are equal. I would steer away from Walmart, Rite Aid etc as their colors don’t generally match well. Of course if that is what is in your budget then it’s better than nothing! But keep that in mind if you ever receive photos that look different than they do on your device.

Get a peak at how I print my photos on my IGTV page here.

Printing companies I recommend:

Chatbooks $$

Artifact Uprising $$$

Nations $$$

Mpix $-$$

If this has you excited to organize your photos, I have something for you! Check out my camera roll course information!

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