What is a Family Adventure Session and Why Do I Want One?

What is a Family Adventure Session? An adventure session is a photoshoot somewhere fun and adventurous. Gone are the days of boring, studio backdrops and stiff, posed portraits. Today’s families are opting for the great outdoors. And not just your backyard field either (although those are perfectly gorgeous too.) Adventure sessions are locations like mountain tops or lakesides. But they can also be out of the norm like your favorite hiking spot or bluff.

Why do I need a family adventure session?

Bottom line: our state is gorgeous and if you agree and want to combine that beauty and your family, it’s a no brainer! My goal is to give you photos of your family and interactions that you will cherish for always, as well as amazing landscape art for your home.

Extra perk: it’s an adventure! I encourage my families to make a weekend of it. Find an Air bnb or cabin and explore a new area. By the time you get to our session time your kiddos will be having a blast. This type of session is ideal for those families with kids that just need to move and explore.

How old do my kids need to be? Doesn’t matter! Many families think that their kids need to be older to enjoy a family adventure session, but as long as you think they can follow basic instructions to keep them safe in the outdoors, they are ready! I also help to customize a location based on your preferences and kiddos personalities.

How far do I need to drive? Depends where you live of course, but typically there are locations within 1-3 hours from Seattle. Again, by making a weekend of it, you can be in the area already so the day of doesn’t feel rushed.

family adventure session olympic national park

Let me know if you have any questions!

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