Declutter Like a Mother workshop followup!

Hey there!

I had such a great time with you and wanted to follow up with some of the questions that came up.

Here is the link to photo storage box. There are few different sizes. This one looks smaller than the one I have but it’s the same link I used to get it.

Google drive vs Google photos. I thought that the photos I had saved in google drive were also in google photos but they are separate. I will continue to use the drive for business photo storage since I can access them in Canva. But it is another option for backing up photo separate from your personal ones. Or you may just prefer it to amazon photos!

I double checked that Google drive isn’t compressing photos and it appears that at least for me it is not. There is a setting for google photos to compress them to take up less space, but I didn’t see any setting for that in Drive. You can test it by uploading and then downloading a photo and then comparing the file size. If you don’t know how to do that please let me know!

I will be releasing spring mini sessions (wildflowers anyone?) this week so make sure to be following me on IG and sign up for my email list for first dibs! I am also working on a “personality portrait” event for kiddos this spring.

Mention that you were at the workshop at booking and receive $50 off a mini session or $100 off a full session in 2023! I have special pricing for spring full sessions that won’t come around again!

Thanks again!


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