How to Convince Your Husband That Family Photos are Worth Your Time

How to handle a spouse who isn’t as thrilled about family photos as you are…

  1. Have an agreement. My husband doesn’t enjoy taking family photos but has agreed that once a year is very reasonable. REASONABLE being the key. It is not a crazy thing to ask your spouse to show up in presentable clothes and love on their family for an hour while someone takes pictures.
  2. Explain (to older kids as well) WHY it’s important to you to have professional photos of your family. In many cases, this is the most someone has photographed mom with her kids all year. “Proof of mom” is important.
  3. Involve them. I give outfit options for my husband and kids to choose from. They can’t wear just anything but I do want them to feel like they have a say. Same goes for the next point.
  4. Print your photos. Ask your husband and kids which photos they love and then print them around the house! They will be more likely to be willing participants if there are pictures that they like hung up from years before.

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