One thing you can do this weekend to improve your client experience

boise family photographer

One thing you can do this weekend to improve your client experience.

Location guides! A location guide is allll the information your client will need to find your session location! As photographers who spend a lot of time at certain locations, we can forget all the little things that are important to know to find where they need to be.

You can make these in Canva and add to your email correspondence, or make a private page on your website to link to the week before your session.

boise family photographer

Things to include:

Parking details

If there is a bathroom

If they will need to walk to the location/is it stroller friendly

Traffic information

Closest ice cream for after the session

boise family photographer

Always assume that your clients know nothing and err on the side of TOO much information!

Anything else you like to include? Let’s crowd source!

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