Number One Thing New Family Photographers Should Aim For In Their First Year of Photography

One thing that all new family photographers should aim for in their first year of business is …


family photography education

It is so important to be able to shoot in most scenarios. Examples:

You show up to your session and the light is still too bright. Do you know what to do?

You’re mid session and a kiddo is NOT HAVING IT. What’s the plan?

The family you are working with is super stiff and awkward and you have a relaxed and candid vibe, do you know how to proceed with the session?

How do you learn how to handle all these situations to give every family you work with a consistent gallery?

Experience! Shoot every week!

Plus working with a mentor to help troubleshoot when necessary.

I would love to help you! I have a mentor program and an online course to help answer all these questions!

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