How do I convince my family session clients to shoot at sunset?

How do I convince my clients to shoot at sunset?

*IF* shooting at golden hour is important to you as a photographer (and it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want to) than here are a few tips for convincing your family session clients that it’s worth it!

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#1: Show them what golden hour looks like. If you desire golden hour photos you need to have them in your portfolio. People want to book what they see. I recommend booking some portfolio building sessions to get golden hour photos to advertise with if you need it.

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#2: Educate them. Give them tips for making late bedtime sessions work with small children. I have a section in my family session guide all about this and I make sure to mention it on social media frequently as well.

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#3: Offer assurances. “In 8 years of photographing families I have never had a session fail because of a late bedtime”.

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#4: Offer alternatives. “Sounds like a later sunset time in the fall would be a great option!”

Do I offer exceptions? Sometimes! If I have a slow season I may honor an earlier session request. I make sure to tell them that we will be limited in where we can shoot. I also remind them that the photos they see on Instagram were all taken at sunset.

Does this seem doable to you? Drop a sun emoji if you’re going to try to implement this this summer!

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