Boise, Idaho Family Adventure Session

Hey all! I am so excited to be *back* in Boise! I grew up here but was never a photographer while I lived here so this year is all about finding new locations!

While in the Seattle area I grew a love for family adventure sessions. What is that? Well it’s a family photo session in a beautiful location that may require a bit of a drive. Some people choose to book a session around a vacation, or just make a day of it!

The extra perk of these types of sessions is that you get photos that remind you of a fun and adventurous day you had with your family.

The obvious perk is that you get incredible art for your walls.

Right now I am looking for families that want photos in the following locations:

Sun Valley



Redfish Lake

But I also take requests!

Take a look at what my Washington adventure sessions look like and let me know if you would like to chat about planning one for your family!

idaho family photogapher

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