5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Fall to Get Your Family Photos Taken.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until fall to get your family photos taken.

  1. Everything is brrrooowwwnnnn. Unless that’s your thing, green and flowers gives so much depth to photos.
  2. Your favorite photographer may be booked up. The fall typically gets CRAZY busy for family photographers. You will have much more flexibility in dates in the summer.
  3. School and activities and sports and ALL THE THINGS. The fall is BUSY for families. There’s no need to add one more thing!
  4. Prices may be higher for in demand months. I will typically discount less in demand months to encourage booking~
  5. The weather gets more unpredictable! Summer weather is great because it typically is predictable so there is less chance of needing to reschedule last minute.

What is your favorite season to get photos?

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