What to Wear – School Portrait edition!

I looove offering fine art “personality portraits” for homeschoolers (or non homeschoolers)! These are often held at local businesses or parks. I tend to collaborate with a local co-op or playgroup to host them. Here are a few tips for what to dress your kid in!

#1 No neon! “Color cast” is the biggest issue when it comes to portraits. Whatever color they are wearing, could end up casting onto their skin.

#2 Try to avoid loud patterns or graphics.

#3 Consider skin tone. If your child is more “cool” toned I would recommend a warmer color and vice versa. Please feel free to reach out if you want help with this!

#4 Personality is OK! If you want to bring a change of shirt (pokemon, horses etc) that represents their personality we can totally do that. I also have had little ones bring their favorite stuffy to include or get their own portrait of!

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