February Book Recap

Maggie Moves On – Lucy Score

This was just ok. I actually think it could be a good “hallmark” like movie. The characters were sweet and fun. I feel like this author has a typical male stereotype that is unrealistic and overused by her. They are always super masculine but have a quirky sensitive side. The way this guy spoke drove me nuts. I wanted to read it because it takes place in Idaho. The “mystery” side of it was intriguing at the end.

Far From The Tree – Robin Benway

This was really good. It had a lot of depth and made me think a lot. The story covers adoption, fostering, and sibling relationships. I could see it being a good YA novel to discuss race, socio economic issues etc.

The Women – Kristin Hannah

Kristin is just a master at in depth storylines that tear your heart out. This was really heavy which is typical for her. I was worried about a quarter of the way through because I couldn’t imagine reading a Vietnam war storyline for the entire book. I looked at reviews and saw that it would transition to her life after the war about halfway through. She did a really great job covering the intricate nature of that time. I appreciated how the main character grappled with her pride in being in the military and the issues surrounding the Vietnam war. I liked how her romantic relationships were a side story. I struggle with main characters with amazing friends where the relationship feels one sided. I feel like a friendship where one person requires a ton of attention and “saving” over and over again isn’t very accurate. I’m not sure the friends in this case would stick around. BUT I do appreciate a book that lifts female friendships over a love interest storyline is rare and needed. Overall a book I will be thinking about for a while.

My Side of The Mountain – Jean Craighead George

We listened to this in the car on our most recent road trip as a school assignment. I don’t think I read it as a kid. I can understand and appreciate why it’s a classic but I’m not sure it holds up. There are definitely some problematic elements that I struggled with as an adult. My kids enjoyed it though and I liked the element of living off the land. It also brought up a lot of talking points with my kids.

The Heiress – Rachel Hawkins

I loved this one. I love a thriller for a road trip and this one was perfect for that. The audio is really well done. It’s a slower burn but keeps you interested the whole time. Many twists that I didn’t see coming. Highly recommend!

Horse – Geraldine Brooks

I wanted to like this one more. I can understand why others do. It took me a while to get into it. I feel like it had one storyline too many that ended up taking away from the main story. I had a hard time following all three different storylines in three different timelines. The civil war era storyline was my favorite and very well done.

The Last Love Note – Emma Grey

This book WRECKED me. First of all, I don’t think the name or the cover art is right. It doesn’t set the right tone for the book. It was funny and sweet but so heart wrenching. It was done so so well though. The main character is really well developed and both men were endearing but individuals as well. Gah. So good.

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