May Reading Recap

I started out a little slow this month because I had two looong books that I was finishing. I needed a small break after that…

Just The Nicest Couple – Mary Kubica

I’m still unsure how I felt about this one. I prefer thriller type stories when I’m road tripping so I think that is what I would recommend for this one. It was fine. This one was about two couples and the murder of one of the husbands. A few twists that kept me interested.

The Covenant of Water – Abraham Verghese

Whoa this book. SO long. I loved the story and how it resolved. I love epic-multiple-generation-stories. This one had so much meandering in the middle though. There was one storyline that had way too much detail for what it ended up contributing to the story. This took me a couple of months of picking it up and setting it back down to get through.

Iron Flame – Rebecca Yarros

Truly I’m only reading these because everyone else is and I want to be able to contribute to conversations about it 😆. I will say I think I like it better than the first one. I stand by my assessment that this book is resonating with my generation so much because we all loved Hunger Games and Divergent and this is in the same vein. I do think she’s going too deep with details. I can’t keep up with all the different symbols etc. I *hope* there will be some good payoff in the third book as far as typing some of the story lines together. I like a little cleverness if I’m going to commit to something this long. Goodness this one was long. Felt like two books.

Funny Story – Emily Henry

I think this is my favorite of hers. I’m just so/so on her others. They are great summer/beach reads. This one was more fun and had more depth though. A cute story about two exes of two friends that have to live together after the breakup.

We Begin at the End – Chris Whitaker

I don’t know why but I had the hardest time getting into this one and I ended up really liking it. I only persisted because of all the great reviews about it. It’s about a girl and her brother and their difficult childhood. Almost felt too sad and depressing at time though so be warned.

The Happy Ever After Playlist – Abby Jimenez

I think I like this one? Another light read for summer. I liked the audio except for the girls narrator for the guys lines. Cringy. It was a little too buttoned up at the end, except after reading the authors note about how it was based on a friend I think she wanted a happy ending for that reason.

Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting- Clare Pooley

This one also took a while for me to get into. The audio was well done and it was an easy listen. It also felt too pulled together at the end. I was cheering for all the characters and it was a sweet story.

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